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The only thing more beautiful than your smile is your personality….

This is what I was thinking during my recent personal branding shoot with Sarita Johan from SJ Coaching.

People naturally gravitate to Sarita’s infectious fun and energetic personality. I know I have. You just feel good when you’re around her!

They say surround yourself with the people that inspire you, the dreamers and the doers. So I’m super thankful I’ve been photographing Sarita now for over 8 years. We first met in a business networking group, dominated at the time by males and so as women do, we naturally leaned in and helped each other. Each of us new to running our businesses and digging deep to find the confidence to step into that new world. A wonderful friendship soon developed.

From the first shoot to now, I’ve watched this beautiful lady with a keen interest and admiration, seeing the evolution of her business and the redesigning of her life. Fuelled by the desire to be more, Sarita walked away from her high-profile career, invested in self-development and became a NLP Master Practitioner and ADVanced Innermetrix consultant which has allowed her to deeply understand how people think and make decisions.

This, along with her gorgeous personality that people can’t help but warm to, is why she is so good at what she does. Her unique blend of business and mindset coaching empowers her clients to identify their business blind spots and success blocks so they can prosper in both business and life.

And now she is going global with her weekly radio show “Build Your Core”. You simply need to check it out and tune in here – https://pod.co/build-your-core-with-sarita-johan

And check out Sarita’s website to see more of what she does https://sjcoaching.com.au/

I can’t wait to see what this dynamic lady does next!

A xx

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