Capture the spirit of your team

Team at work

Team photography can be one of the most challenging types of portraits to get right. Aside from the logistics of making sure everyone’s looking in the right direction — with their eyes open — a poorly put together team shot can look like just another daggy school photo!

Adding some originality to your shoot to capture some team spirit will not only celebrate the people who make your business happen, but will really go a long way to communicating to prospective clients what it feels like to work with you.

Instead of the usual hierarchical line up of employees standing in a row behind the executive team, give everyone a chance to shine by incorporating active poses and positioning people at different places.  Have some standing or sitting to add depth to the image.  Or pose team members throughout your workspace.

If your workspace is not up to scratch for a photoshoot, think outside the square – you could do team shots at a cafe, outside, or at a funky shared co-working space. Get some ‘behind the scene’ shots showing how you work together or interact with clients.    Friendly and approachable, these images are perfect to tell your ‘work with us’ story!

While staging a scene like this takes more time, the vibrancy that it adds to your branding images will be well worth it. 

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