It was at the age of 16 that Alison discovered her love of photography when she enrolled in the subject at school as a bit of ‘light’ relief from a heavy academic load of maths and science.  It was there in the darkroom, labouring under the orange glow of the safelights, up to her elbows in developer and fixer where Alison started to experiment, play and create.  A great love grew.

But as life moved on, photography blended into the background. After earning herself a Bachelors Degree in Science, Alison embarked upon a career in the health sciences and public health, working for government agencies in Australia, the United Kingdom and New Zealand.  During this time it was her combined love of travel and wanting to capture those moments ‘through the lens’ that saw her passion for photography reignited.  Appealing to her meticulous scientific side and providing the freedom to explore her creativity, her love came back with renewed excitement.  Alison relocated to Melbourne and retrained in digital applications, establishing her commercial photography business, Alison McWhirter Photography and her Wedding Photography business, Magnolia Images.

Alison is the type of photographer clients want to work with.  Her approach is professional and well organised but also a reflection of her personality - fun relaxed and slightly silly.  Along with a sense of perfection that is the standard her clients come to expect, she blends solid briefs with visual creativity to produce images that are honest, energetic and inviting. 

When Alison is not running her client-friendly, service-oriented business or writing about herself in the third person, she likes to keep fit and healthy through jogging and yoga, loves art and travelling and is a cheerleader of culture. She enjoys watching romcoms (she is a girl after all) and loses herself in designing and making amazing costumes for her 6 nieces and nephews.  Alison has recently discovered the pleasure of growing herbs and using them in her cooking - her favourite breakfast is Portuguese baked eggs (she has perfected it beautifully) and enjoys loads of clotted cream on scones.  And when you really get to know her you’ll discover her dry, somewhat wicked sense of humour!



Alison McWhirter also photographs weddings, check out her wedding photography website Magnolia Images