I haven’t always been a photographer, but it has been my dream to work professionally since I was in my teens.  It wasn’t until after my marriage breakdown in my mid 30’s and when I moved interstate to start a new life that I took the enormous leap of becoming a professional photographer. 

And when I say enormous, I mean I was leaping over one hell of a gigantic canyon.  You see, I had never worked in the creative industry before let alone tried to run a business.  My education and experience was in science and public health policy – the two couldn’t have been further apart!

But I had a passion I couldn’t let go of and at the time I really needed to make a dream come true, I felt like I had nothing else to lose and everything to gain.

I wish I could say it was the smoothest of rides to get here. 

When I finally did take the leap, I dived right in without much strategy or direction – I was doing it all because I was good at it all… weddings, portraiture, lifestyle, architecture, products and food, events …you name it, I could shoot it. And the constant praise and validation I got from my clients (and industry peers) about my work reinforced I was doing all the right things.  

I convinced myself that a paying client was winning in business!  Afterall, wasn’t that living the dream, to earn a livelihood doing what I loved?  

So there I was, the ‘eager to please photographer’, being everything to everyone but in reality hiding behind a shield of doubt and uncertainty, not really knowing how to show up in the driver’s seat of my own business. 

I knew deep down I had gone about this the wrong way, living up to the expectations of others instead of my own - the shift to being my own boss was now anything but fulfilling my dream!

So I took a step back and really thought about what type of service I wanted to provide.  Yes, the service, not just the photography I wanted to do or the images I wanted to create - I already knew I could create amazing images of all different types and styles - but what problems did I want to help others solve and what did I want to help them achieve…and most of all, who was it I wanted to help?

Answering these questions was a total game changer for me.  I realised that building my own dream business was not at odds with helping others achieve theirs. What a revelation!

So, here I am!

My mission is to help you to magnify and amplify your brand presence for business success. 

My skill is in creating beautiful, quality imagery that helps you communicate your brand story.

And my gift is making you feel relaxed and comfortable in front of the camera so you can show your true essence and personality.


Creating amazing branding images bringing you and your dream business to life!


Take action, gain confidence & build connection.